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Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Mount Laurel). Photo courtesy of Assembly Majority Office.

Carol Murphy will head Mount Laurel transition

By David Wildstein, November 24 2020 6:16 pm

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Mount Laurel) will chair the transition team as Democrats prepare for their first Democratic majority in 36 years.

“Our operating principle is that nothing is off the table. Mount Laurel residents deserve a full analysis of how their municipal government works, from top to bottom,” Murphy said.  “We will turn over every cushion to make sure government services are being delivered transparently and efficiently. Mount Laurel needs to be a town in which residents get value for their hard-earned tax dollars.”

Democrats swept all three seats in the November 3 election, giving them a 5-0 majority.

Karen Cohen (15,693), Nikitas Moustakas (15,255) and Fozia Janjua (15,043) routed Republican incumbents Kurt Folcher (11,177) and Mayor Irwin Edelson (11,076).   The third GOP candidate, Sandra Pratt (11,376), was the top vote-getter.

Cohen, Moustakas and Janjua join Democrats Stephen Steglik and Kareen Pritchett.

The Republicans, worried about running with Donald Trump in 2020, tried to avoid a November election by switching to May non-partisan races.

That put Folcher, the 2019 mayor, in a race with Murphy, who sponsored legislation that would have required a supermajority – four votes – to change to May.

In what might have been a career-ending move, Folcher’s ordinance didn’t take effect for 20 days.

Murphy got both houses of the legislature to pass it and Gov. Phil Murphy to sign it before the effective date.

The Burlington County Times, which way back in 2019 was laser-focused on local news, called Murphy “The Bear,” for her protection of her constituents.

“I have charged the transition team with taking approaches that will bring modernization and innovation to Mount Laurel government and pull our town into the 21st century,” Murphy stated. “We will also begin the process of zero-based budgeting that we promised during the campaign – a government that justifies every dollar it spends – a municipal budget built from the bottom up.”

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