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Morris County Democratic leader Scott Carlson. (Photo: Scott Carlson).

(Updated) Carlson says he won’t step down in Morris

Robinson resignation triggers uproar among Morris Democrats

By David Wildstein, April 24 2022 3:19 pm

Scott Carlson says he will not step down as executive director of the Morris County Democratic organization, and while some party leaders are urging him to run for county chairman to replace Chip Robinson, Carlson told the New Jersey Globe on Sunday that he won’t be a candidate.

Robinson announced his resignation on Friday and said he expected the full executive board to step down as well.  Carlson says Robinson was ousted at a meeting with state and federal officials in Friday morning.

But Carlson said that he never agreed to step down.

“Let me be clear: nobody asked me or any other member of the Executive Board about resigning before it made the news.  To the extent a deal was made in that room, it was done without our consent,” he said.  “We learned of it via press release.”

Carlson says he does “not intend to walk away because a few people in a room decided it so.”

“This is not Russia, where a party boss can remove duly-elected officers during their term,” Carlson said.  “ I and the entire Executive Board were elected to a two-year term and speaking only for myself, I intend to serve that term out in its entirety.”

He said the county Democratic party “is not for sale to outside interests.”

“To those officials harassing us with phone calls and threats: Please stop.  I’m not leaving,” said Carlson.

The vice chair, Robin Gurin, has also disputed that she intends  to resign, although in her case, the New Jersey Globe stands behind a report that she will vacate her post.

Robinson plans to call a special election in May to pick his successor.  Mendham Township Committeewoman Amalia Duarte has emerged as a leading candidate and could face Carlson in that race.

This story was updated at 8:19 PM.  

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