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The Burlington County Office Building in Mount Holly, New Jersey

Burlington Democrats win sheriff, freeholder races

Democrats now have 5-0 majority

By David Wildstein, November 05 2019 11:49 pm

Burlington County elected a Democratic sheriff and now has a 5-0 majority on the Board of Freeholders.

Anthony Basantis defeated Michael Ditzel by 8,258 votes, 52%-44%, to become the next sheriff.  Republican Jean Stanfield, now an assemblywoman-elect, had held the post for nearly eighteen years before her retirement last spring.

The last Republican freeholder, Latham Tiver, lost by 9,765 votes, 53%-44%, to Democrat Linda Hynes.

In a special election to fill a 26-month unexpired term, incumbent Democrat Daniel O’Connell defeated Lee Schneider by 8,901 votes, 55%-45%.

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