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Somerset County Republican Chairman Tim Howes. (Photo: Tim Howes).

Bridgewater GOP backs Howes for Somerset county chairman

By David Wildstein, July 03 2020 2:02 pm

Tim Howes’ campaign for Somerset County GOP Chairman, which official launched yesterday with Al Gaburo’s announcement that he won’t seek re-election to a sixth term, picked up the endorsement of Bridgewater Mayor Matthew Moench and the leaders of the local GOP.

Bridgewater is the largest municipality in Somerset County>

“Tim is the right candidate at exactly the right time to lead the Somerset County Republican Organization,” Moensch and the party leaders said. “Tim has been trying to build the party from the ground up, working with local organizations in Republican strongholds, such as he did in Bridgewater in 2019, to ensure that we have the strongest candidates possible to maintain our Republican base, while at the same time refusing to cede ground in traditionally Democratic municipalities, by recruiting and working with great candidates in municipalities like Franklin and North Plainfield. “

Moench was joined by Councilman/Republican Municipal Chairman Michael KIrsh, Council President Howard Norgalis,  Councilmen Filipe Pedroso, Allen Kurdyla and Timothty Ring, and four executive board members of the local party organization.

“Tim knows that if we are going to take back Somerset County we need a leader who will build on the local successes so many of our local Republican organizations have had, while staying true to our Republican values and working harder than we ever have before,” the Bridgewater Republicans said. “Tim has represented statewide candidates and has relationships across New Jersey, which will benefit all of us here in Somerset County, and help raise the money necessary to provide our candidates the tools they need to win.”

Moench ousted incumbent Mayor Dan Hayes in the 2019 Republican primary in a massive 63%-37% landslide.  Hayes had the backing of Gaburo and the Somerset GOP organization line.

The Bridgewater Republicans think Howes can help the party hold their two freeholder seats this year and regain control of county government in 2021 and 2022.

“Tim has the ability to foster cooperation and collaboration across all twenty-one towns to once again make Somerset County and the Somerset GOP the model for winning in New Jersey,” they said. “We wholeheartedly support Tim and are ready to work to elect Tim as Chairman, and then get to work on behalf of our Republican team in November.”

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