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Verona Councilman Alex Roman

Alex Roman re-elected by 2 votes in Verona

Challenger John Quattrocchi won’t seek recount

By David Wildstein, May 17 2019 8:04 pm

Alex Roman was re-elected to the Verona Township Council, defeating five-term school board member John Quattrocchi by just two votes, 843 to 841.

Quattrocchi told the New Jersey Globe that he will not contest the results.

“I have zero plans for a recount,” Quattrocchi said.  “I trust the vote.  I think Alex is a terrific person and I’m happy with him having a seat.”

Roman had led by three votes, 831 to 828, after Tuesday’s non-partisan municipal election.

Provisional ballots counted today by the Essex County Board of Elections added 9 additional votes for Quattrocchi and 5 for Roman.  Additional vote-by-mail ballots added seven for Roman and four for Quattrocchi.

In the race for the other council seat,  Christine McGrath easily defeated incumbent Michael Nochimson.

McGrath gained 12 more votes after the provisional votes were counted, raising her total to 1,326.  Nochimson added 8 votes and brought his total to 825.

A fifth candidate, John Fio Rito, received 11 provisional votes, increasing his total vote to 685.

It is not immediately clear whether mayor Kevin Ryan will continue when the council reorganizes on July 1.  Possible candidates include Roman and councilman Ted Giblin.

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One thought on “Alex Roman re-elected by 2 votes in Verona

  1. You are basically incorrect when you state Christine McGrath defeated Nochimson. The way our election in our non partisan form of government is constructed two seats were up for election . Five candidates were all listed on the same line and you get to vote for two. Ms McGrath got the most votes and now Mr Roman has officially received the second most. As a result they both won the two seats available. Congratulations to both!

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