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Bergen County Clerk John Hogan, second from left, at Yankee Stadium in September 2019.

Hogan honored at Yankee Stadium

Bergen County Clerk receives ‘Heroes of Tolerance’ award from human rights group

By David Wildstein, September 03 2019 5:28 pm

Bergen County Clerk John Hogan received the “Heroes for Tolerance” award from the Simon Wiesenthal Center during a pre-game, on-field ceremony at Yankee Stadium.

“John Hogan comes from a long family history of public service and understands how to do it the right way.  He understands that we are all together and we are all one community and public service is about serving everyone,” said Englewood Councilman Michael D. Cohen, the eastern director of the Wiesenthal Center.  “The mission of the Simon Wiesenthal Center is, that from the debts of the Holocaust that Simon came out of, no one should experience that kind of hate again.  Having people like John Hogan in elected office makes that mission so much easier.”

The human rights organization was named for Simon Wiesenthal, who achieved global fame in his search to locate Nazi war criminals and bring them to prosecution.

In accepting the award, Hogan referred to his grandfather, Simon Iannaccone, an immigrant from Italy.

“There is good and bad in everyone. Concentrate on the good.   Get rid of the bad.  Throw it over your shoulder,” Hogan recalled his grandfather as saying.  “He also said, ‘in this country the majority rules—but don’t forget about the others.’ The echoes of my grandfather’s words have always defined my actions as an elected official.”

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