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Cumberland County Republican Chairman Michael Testa, Jr.

Testa to aid in suit against directive limiting cooperation with ICE

LD1 GOP continues focus on immigration despite bipartisan agreement

By Nikita Biryukov, October 04 2019 12:10 pm

A Republican state senate candidate will Help Cape May County sue the state government to overturn a directive limiting how much local law enforcement can cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“The laws, the facts, and public opinion are on our side, even if our current Democrat state legislators are not,” Cumberland County GOP chair Michael Testa said. “Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats are not only dead wrong on this policy – but their actions are illegal and unconstitutional.  It violates the U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause and the N.J. Constitution’s home rule doctrine. I am proud to support Sheriff Nolan and the Cape May County Freeholders and take on this critical fight.”

The directive issued by state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal last year bars local law enforcement agencies from renewing cooperation agreements with ICE absent approval from the state government.

Republicans in the state, and in the first district, have latched onto the issue in an effort to oust incumbent Democrats, even ones like State Sen. Bob Andrzejczak who don’t align ideologically with Gov. Phil Murphy on the issue.

“Mike Testa can’t get out of his own way. After an independent report just three days ago stated that we agree with one another that New Jersey should never be a sanctuary state, he’s back to wasting time lying about it,” Andrzejczak campaign manager Sam Rivers said. “Bob Andrzejczak defended our nation, losing his leg in the process – Bob holds the safety of our state as his foremost priority and it’s frankly embarrassing that Lying Mike Testa would continue his desperate smear campaign insinuating otherwise.”

Cape May County Sheriff Robert Nolan initially flaunted the directive, but was forced to stop cooperating with ICE by a second order Grewal issued.

Andrzejczak and Testa have both said they oppose Grewal’s directive, though it has still been a central point of a number of attacks from Testa’s team.

“Unfortunately, our Cape May County Freeholders and Sheriff have received little by way of actual support from the sitting Senator Bob Andrzejczak,” Cape May GOP Chair Marcus Karavan said. “While claiming to be an independent thinker the appointed Senator votes with Governor Murphy 95% of the time, including voting to cut our school aid while giving college tuition aid to illegal immigrants.”

It’s not clear how much time Testa will devote to providing legal aid to the county.

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2 thoughts on “Testa to aid in suit against directive limiting cooperation with ICE

  1. Just a political stunt at election time. Bob Andrzejczak has defended our country with honor, dignity and with much sacrifice. If Cape May County’s legal counsel is so inept at defending Sheriff Nolan’s actions why does he have job? Vote Andrzejczak, Land and Milam. Casey and Gould for Freeholder

  2. Just a political stunt at election time. So if he going to do legal work for the sheriff, why do we need a county counsel? It time to shake things up in Cape May County. Vote for Casey and Gould for Freeholder and rid the county of nepotism so we have people who can do the job they are getting well paid for. Like county counsel.

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