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New Jersey State Board of Education nominee Mary Bennett. (Photo: Office of the Governor).

Senate pulls Murphy Board of Education pick from agenda for a second time

Mary Bennett doesn’t have the votes to get confirmed right now

By David Wildstein, February 22 2023 8:43 pm

A controversial nominee for the New Jersey State Board of Education still doesn’t have the votes for Senate confirmation, causing the Judiciary Committee to pull her from tomorrow’s agenda.

This was the second time the panel had scheduled a confirmation hearing for Mary Bennett, who was nominated to the post by Gov. Phil Murphy last September.   Bennett was on a path for approval by the Senate last month until Republican senators alleged that she had not disclosed her association with a group involved in a school desegregation lawsuit on her questionnaire.

Last month’s delay caused two influential groups, the New Jersey Education Association, and the NAACP, to smack senators for not moving forward on Bennett.

Bennett is an educational consultant for the Seton Hall University Academy for Urban Transformation and a former Newark high school principal and English teacher,

Kwanghee Jung and Claudine Keenan, also nominated to the State Board of Education by Murphy last fall, have still not received the necessary signoffs to advance to the Judiciary Committee.

Murphy wants to replace three board members who voted against the state’s new educational standards in June 2020 — the initial impetus for the ongoing controversy over sex education and LGBTQ topics in New Jersey schools.

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