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Senate President Nicholas Scutari, right, and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin at Scutari's July 2021 fundraiser at Citi Field. (Photo: Scutari for Senate).

Scutari fills five luxury boxes at Subway Series fundraiser

There was a waiting list of people ready to write $2,600 checks to the Senate President

By David Wildstein, July 30 2022 3:39 pm

Senate President Nicholas Scutari raised nearly $300,000 at a fundraiser at Citi Field on Wednesday, where donors watched a National League club just narrowly defeat the New York Yankees.

This was Scutari’s 10th annual Subway Series Night at the Ballpark fundraiser, an event that he has watched grown over the years.

As Senate President, Scutari was able to fill up five luxury boxes and had a waiting list of people ready to contribute $2,600-per-person to an event the New Jersey political class looks forward to each summer.

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Middlesex County Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe were among the attendees.

Ticket prices have gone up over the years.  In 2019, Scutari was charging $1,500-per-person.  While Coughlin was present at both, Scutari was able to increase the ticket price  to the event, likely as a result of his elevation to Senate President and his decision to replace the other special guest, Mookie Wilson, with McCabe.

Scutari is no stranger to building out events around baseball.

In 2019, after becoming the Union County Democratic Chairman, Scutari treated hundreds of county committee members as his guests at a Somerset Patriots minor league game.

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