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New Jersey Democratic State Committee Vice Chair Peg Schaffer. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.

Peg Schaffer tells Bramnick he must apologize

Assembly Minority Leader ‘remarkably out of touch,” Somerset Democratic chair says

By David Wildstein, October 11 2019 8:51 am

New Jersey Democratic State Vice Chair Peg Schaffer wants Jon Bramnick to apologize for a section on his law firm website that promises to “discredit” victims of sexual assault if the defendant becomes a client.

“Jon Bramnick’s sales pitch to accused rapists shows how remarkably out of touch he is,” said Vice Chair Schaffer, who also heads a law firm. “We should all speak out against any culture that treats survivors of sexual abuse with this kind of outright contempt.”

Schaffer’s anger could cause her to step up efforts to unseat Bramnick, the Assembly Minority Leader, next month.  She is also the Somerset County Democratic Chair and four Somerset towns are in Bramnick’s legislative district.

“As an elected official and an attorney, Assemblyman Bramnick should be ashamed that he allowed his name to be directly connected to this hurtful rhetoric,” Schaffer said. “The fact that he’s not just refusing to apologize but actually doubling down should be a clear signal to the people of the 21st district that it’s time for new leadership.”

Bramnick removed the section on Sexual Assault defense from his firm’s website late yesterday amidst a growing amount of criticism  That happened shortly after Bramnick defended it.

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