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Morris County Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo. (Photo: Facebook.)

Mastrangelo stands with DeCroce on repudiation of Singh staffer, but wants his opponent to condemn super PACs

By David Wildstein, May 28 2021 6:54 am

When it comes to King Penna, Morris County Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo and Assemblywomen BettyLou DeCroce (R-Parsippany) are on the same page, condemning Hirsh Singh’s campaign manager for ambushing Jack Ciattarelli’s wife at a GOP gubernatorial debate on Tuesday.

“Too many Republican candidates find it acceptable to lie and attack other Republicans. King Penna went way over the line by attacking Jack Ciattarelli’s wife and children,” said Mastrangelo.  “There is absolutely no place for that in politics.”

Mastrangelo is running on a line with Singh in his bid for a State Assembly seat in the 26th district in the June 8 Republican primary.  He faces DeCroce, Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains) and former Pompton Lakes Councilman Christian Barranco.

The relationship between Mastrangelo and Penna, a controversial political consultant, has been contentious in the last.

After the 2019 Republican primary, Mastrangelo sued to identify the owner of a shadowy Wyoming-based political consulting firm that worked for his opponents.  Wyoming law does not require corporate filings to include the names of anyone but a business agent.

The New Jersey Globe had identified the owner of the firm as Penna.

Mastrangelo contended that an attack mailing that hit an estimated 10,000 Morris County homes includes a disclaimer that it was paid for by an individual who does not exist.

Still, in joining with DeCroce in repudiating Penna, Mastrangelo wants DeCroce to do the same thing with a super PAC that is supporting her re-election campaign.

“Candidates who condone, if not encourage, dark money PAC’s to lie about their opponents consistently push the boundaries of decency as well,” Mastrangelo said. “Over the last several weeks I have been the subject of attacks.”

According to Mastrangelo, DeCroce “stood silent and allowed her allies to continue with their attacks.”

“I challenge my opponent to look at her own campaign and remember the words of Ronald Reagan: ‘Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican,’” he said.  “It is time every Republican candidate start acting like a true Republican.”

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