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Democratic Assembly candidate Deana Lykins

Lykins says some blame for Lake Hopatcong crisis belongs to Space, Wirths

Democratic Assembly candidate says GOP incumbents dragged their feet

By David Wildstein, July 05 2019 4:56 pm

Toxic algae that has created a ban on swimming at Lake Hopatcong could emerge as an issue in the race for State Assembly in the heavily-Republican 24th district.

Democrat Deana Lykins said that GOP incumbents Parker Space (R-Wantage) and Hal Wirths have resisted moves to mitigate the crisis that has affected a lake that is a major economic center for the district.

A former State Senate staffer, Lykins says that Space and Wirths have opposed measures to fund lake maintenance and deal with a runoff issues by creating stormwater utilities.

“Our representatives statewide dragged their feet on adopting such a proposal for years. Space, Wirths, and (Senator Steve) Oroho actively opposed it, knowing full well the potential danger of allowing runoff to continue unimpeded,” a statement from the Lykins campaign said. “The result: phosphorus levels in the lake are eight times higher than is considered safe. This is completely unacceptable.”

Lykins is also alleging that there is no clarity about the safety of drinking water in the area.

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2 thoughts on “Lykins says some blame for Lake Hopatcong crisis belongs to Space, Wirths

  1. As an involved resident i know she’s a political hack lier. Demon rats
    Have not funded or protected this lake ever.without extremely difficult fighting . this state has. Not taking care of their property for decades they refuse to dredge the coves or even aerate the muck in the cove they refused to get more funding for weed harvesting. as a citizen I see many people funding out of their own pockets for spraying allowing state to get away with it basically we’ve become enablers allowing the state to get away with doing what they’re supposed to do from the beginning and that is treat this like as a reservoir this week must have its coves dredged and yes runoffs must be repaired and filters from all the crap that they throw on the roads in the winterthey allow the towns to have allocations for sewers for condominiums but not enough money to do the homes around the lake they will not allow the sewer pipes to be buried in the bottom of the lake which has Presidents in many other lakes with today’s technology they can put triple wall flexible pipe in with valves and sensors and have everybody on the lake hooked up instead they choose to blast Rock and do everybody outside of the edge of the lake and have their great condos go up along the edges of this wonderful Lake instead of preserving parklandplease excuse the punctuation and grammar as I’m using voice this state must stand up and take the responsibility and fix this problem it can be done heading aeration to the bottom of the lake adding microbes to digest the out the nitrates that are safe adding blue dyes to the water to filter out UV rays all of these options are available cleaning up the floaters from their dredges would be a great help for starters

  2. NJ doesn’t need another legislator what wants to raises taxes and that’s what the rain tax is………we need reductions and fiscal responsibility. She was a lobbyist and their focus is how to increase profits for the corporations not to make things better or the citizens. Good grief, pass this talking head by.

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