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Laura Matos

LUPE PAC lauds Weinberg for appointing Delgado to ad hoc committee

By Nikita Biryukov, January 10 2020 11:57 am

The Latinas United for Political Empowerment PAC lauded Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg for naming LUPE PAC board member Sonia Delgado to the ad hoc committee convened in response to a report that found sexual harassment and assault are still widespread in New Jersey politics.

“We would like to thank Senator Weinberg for naming our LUPEPAC board member, Sonia Delgado, to her committee,” LUPE PAC President Laura Matos said. “The letter we sent urging for diverse representation on the ad-hoc committee was driven by the fact that women of color have vastly different experiences in terms of sexual harassment and assault.”

Earlier this month, the group sent a letter to Weinberg containing a list of Latina women recommended for the panel.

Already serving on the Weinberg committee are veteran lobbyist Jeannine LaRue; political consultant Julie Roginsky; and Patricia Teffenhart, executive director of the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver sent a separate letter to Weinberg containing the names of 17 women Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration wants on the committee.

It’s unclear what Weinberg will do with those recommendations.

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