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Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. (Photo: Steven Fulop).

Fulop endorsed by GOP legislative nominee

By Joey Fox, October 01 2021 4:37 pm

Neil Schulman, the Republican running against State Sen. Sandra Cunningham (D-Jersey City), today endorsed Democratic Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop in his bid for a third term. Fulop faces progressive opponent Lewis Spears in the officially nonpartisan November election.

“Despite being a member of opposing political parties, Mayor Fulop and I, along with the vast majority of Jersey City residents, share the same goal of making Jersey City a better and more affordable place to live,” Schulman wrote in his endorsement.

Schulman, who once worked for former Republican Mayor of Jersey City Bret Schundler, went on to criticize the Jersey City Board of Education, whom he derided as “socialist” and “incompetent.”

“When you cast your vote on November 2nd, please remember what these candidates represent and what they oppose,” he wrote. “Voting for the union supported and controlled candidates is tantamount to voting for higher taxes and the absence of school choice. Additionally, consider the progress we have made under the leadership of Mayor Fulop. The choice is clear.”

Fulop is the favorite to win re-election against Spears, who has never run for office before. Both candidates also have slates of city council candidates they are backing, with Fulop mostly supporting incumbents on the council.

Schulman, meanwhile, is unlikely to prevail against Cunningham in the strongly Democratic 31st district, which has never elected a Democrat throughout its entire existence.

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