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New Jersey has more than 1 million more Democrats than Republicans. Photo courtesy of Ohio State University.

New Jersey adds 13,000 voters in September

Democrats lose nearly 1,000 voters, but maintain huge overall advantage

By Joey Fox, October 01 2021 2:09 pm

New Jersey added 12,958 voters to its registration rolls between September 1 and October 1, according to data released today by the New Jersey Division of Elections. 

It’s a big rise compared to the 4,000 voter increase recorded in August of this year, but still nowhere near the 120,000 voters the state added in September 2020, in the midst of an immensely high-turnout presidential election.

The state currently lists 6,561,568 voters on its rolls, up from 6,548,610 last month. Both totals are also well up from this time four years ago, when 5,733,751 New Jerseyans were registered in advance of the 2017 gubernatorial election.

Of the state’s more than six million voters, a plurality – 2,577,698, or 39% – are registered Democrats. 1,505,265 (23%) are Republicans, 2,396,910 (37%) are unaffiliated, and the remainder are registered with minor parties. 

While that’s a daunting advantage for Democrats, the party lost a net 719 voters, while Republicans gained a net of 1,539. Unaffiliated voters made up the bulk of the increase, gaining a net 12,146 voters.

All but one of New Jersey’s counties gained in September; the one exception was Camden County, which lost 163 voters out of its nearly 400,000 total. Hudson County experienced the greatest increase, rising by 3,702 voters from 414,531 to 418,233.

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