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Assemblyman Joe Howarth (R-Evesham)

Early turnout lags in Howarth’s hometown

Assemblyman needs to build a margin in Evesham to get on November ballot

By Nikita Biryukov, June 04 2019 10:34 am

Turnout was low in Evesham over the first few hours of Tuesday.

Fewer than 30 had cast ballots Frances S. DeMasi Schools by 8 a.m., two hours after polls had opened, and poll workers said they expected the votes to continue at that trickle through 10 a.m.

The trend held at Florence Evans Elementary School, where just 54 voters had cast ballots by 10 a.m.

At Van Zant Elementary School, just 10 votes had been cast by 9:50 a.m., poll workers said.

Turnout in Evesham may prove critical to Assemblyman Joe Howarth’s political future.

The Burlington County Republican party dropped its support for Howarth earlier this year over a belief that he attempted to join State Sen. Dawn Addiego when she defected from the GOP earlier this year.

Howarth denies having attempted to switch, but multiple sources on both sides of the aisle have told the New Jersey Globe Howarth tried to flip only to have those efforts thwarted by local Democrats in the district who said they wouldn’t back him in a primary.

Now, the assemblyman is mounting an off-the-line bid as a Trump Republican.

Evesham is Howarth’s home town. If he can’t wrack up a margin there against the county-backed candidates, Assemblyman Ryan Peters and former Burlington County Sheriff Jean Stanfield, there isn’t much hope for him securing one of the race’s top two slots.

There’re are still hours left before polls close, and turnout could swell after voters get off work later in the day.

Poll workers don’t expect that to happen.

Assembly races are at the top of this year’s ticket. That means this year’s races are expected to see the turnout that pales in comparison to years where congressional seats, or even State Senate seats, are on the ballot.

Polls close at 8 p.m.

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