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Assemblyman Daniel Benson (D-Hamilton).

Benson undecided on open presidential primary

By Nikita Biryukov, February 03 2020 11:39 am

Assemblyman Daniel Benson is undecided on the prospect of an open presidential primary in Mercer County.

“I haven’t even had those discussions yet. I don’t know what that would entail. Does that have after effects on the rest of the ballot?” Benson said. “Ballot design really matters a lot, particularly when we have school board as a non-partisan and questions and everything else. I always worry about ballot drop off, particularly for those of us that help out on a lot of the local races, so I’d have to think about that. I’m not sure.”

Democrats in Hunterdon and Monmouth Counties have announced they will hold open primaries.

The same prospect is under consideration in Hudson County, where Democrats are considering running a separate organizational line for the presidential contest, though a decision there will hinge on how a second party line would affect the layout of the ballot.

Put simply, if the additional line makes the ballot look like an unfinished and supremely confusing jigsaw puzzle, it’s unlikely to happen.

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