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AFP-NJ, NJCBA join in backing legalized marijuana

By Nikita Biryukov, September 25 2018 4:57 pm

New Jersey CannaBusiness Association President Scott Rudder on Tuesday praised the state branch of Americans for Prosperity for the latter group’s backing of legalized marijuana.

“Advocates from all sides of the political spectrum have come together because they know that legalization is the right thing to do,” Rudder said. “At a time when opponents are ramping up their efforts to distort the truth about cannabis, having proponents like AFP-NJ in our corner will go a long way. They know that legalization will create jobs in New Jersey, that it will help stop the injustices of cannabis related arrests, and that it is just the right thing to do.”

AFP-NJ backed the state’s push to legalization earlier in the day, citing benefits to public safety.

The group announced cautious support for S2703, the state’s marijuana legalization bill, though AFP-NJ Director Erica Jedynak said the group had issues with portions of the bill.

“While S-2703 is not perfect in its current form, it makes good strides toward reshaping our criminal justice system and bringing it into the 21st century,” Jedynak said. “Eventually, AFP-NJ hopes that a fully-realized effort to legalize recreational marijuana enhances public safety, provides second chances, and is free of cronyism and overregulation.”

Legislative leaders in the state aimed to get the bill past this month, though it has yet to move through any committees and is not scheduled to do so before the end of September.

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