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U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. (Photo: Rose Lincoln via Wikipedia).

Statements on the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court

By Joey Fox, February 25 2022 11:41 am


“Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an eminently qualified jurist with impeccable credentials, profound integrity, and sound judgment. Throughout her career, Judge Jackson has excelled as a practitioner, including as a former assistant federal public defender, and as a federal district court and federal appellate court judge, writing over 500 legal opinions on a myriad of complex issues ranging from constitutional and administrative cases to matters implicating national security and civil rights.

For the first time in history, women and girls across America will see themselves more fully reflected in our judicial system. Since its founding in 1789, only two Black men and only five women have been appointed to serve on our Nation’s highest court. President Biden’s decision to appoint the first Black woman to the Supreme Court is a historic and momentous occasion and also marks the first time that four women will be seated on the high court at the same time. Today’s nomination of Judge Jackson opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities for future generations of Americans.

As a member of the Senate, there are few responsibilities more critical to our democracy than providing advice and consent to the President of the United States on a Supreme Court nomination. I look forward to meeting with Judge Jackson as I fulfill my role of advice and consent in the Senate’s timely consideration of her nomination to the high court.”


“Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson would be an excellent addition to the Supreme Court. She is a highly-qualified and thorough justice who will serve on the high court with distinction. Her work as a public defender and service on the U.S. Sentencing Commission gives her an understanding of how the legal process affects Americans and American families. I am proud that President Biden has fulfilled his campaign promise to nominate an African-American woman to the Supreme Court. This is an outstanding selection and I look forward to seeing her as our country’s next Supreme Court Justice.”


“This is an excellent and historic selection by President Biden. Judge Jackson is an outstanding jurist and will bring needed balance to the badly slanted High Court. Her public defender background will be indispensable as we continue to bend the Court back towards justice. The Senate has already confirmed Judge Jackson once and should confirm her now fast.”


“Judge Jackson’s professional and academic credentials are exceptional. From her Clerkship at the Supreme Court to her most recent work, she has proven her strength of character and dedication to the law.

If she should be confirmed, she would bring an important new voice to the court as the first justice to have served as a public defender. She also served as the Vice Chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission. This experience provides practical knowledge that would benefit our nation.

Judge Jackson is an extraordinary nominee and I look forward to the Senate confirming her as they did just last year when she was nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals D.C. Circuit.”


“I applaud President Biden for nominating Ketanji Brown Jackson, whose wealth of experience will make her an excellent addition to our country’s highest court. Today is an undeniable win in the fight for greater diversity in our government. With the addition of Jackson, the Supreme Court will be one-step closer to reflecting the rich diversity of the United States.

Representation in our elected and appointed officials matters, and I am proud that in New Jersey we are making progress in our efforts to promote diversity. From the confirmation of Fabiana Pierre-Louis, who made history as the first Black woman to sit on the New Jersey Supreme Court, to the election of the most diverse Assembly Democratic Caucus in history, we have recently gained many new, strong voices that reflect our State’s diversity.

I will continue to be a champion for diversity, and I hope that Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court encourages more people of color and members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to pursue inclusion at all levels of government.”

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