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R.I.P. Marvin Rich, Jaroslaw Fedun, Jack Hontz, and Julian Jaworski

By David Wildstein, August 07 2019 9:15 am

Marvin Rich, a former Irvington Board of Education president, died on August 1.  He was 93.  Rich was a retired Irvington police officer and detective or later became the Chief of Police in Bradford, New Hampshire.  He later entered local politics in New Hampshire as a Selectman for Bradford.

Jaroslaw Fedun, a former president of the Passaic chapter of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, died on August 4.  He was 88.  Fedun traveled to the Ukraine as part of a delegation to monitor the country’s first free elections.

Jack Hontz, who served on the Stillwater Board of Education, died on August 5.  He was 86.  Hontz was a U.S. Army veteran.

Julian Jaworski, who worked for the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority for more than 50 years before retiring at age 83, died on August 4.  He was 92.

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