Statements in Memory of Yolanda Egan

Statements issued in memory of Yolanda Egan, the wife of Assemblyman Joseph Egan (D-New Brunswick), who died on Sunday: GOVERNOR PHIL MURPHY "Yolanda Egan was as committed to doing good in her community as she was to her husband of nearly 60 years, Assemblyman Joe Egan, and her children and grandchildren. Devoutly faithful, she was a loving wife and mom, and an active leader at St. Peter's Medical Center in

Mother of former Hudson mayor dies

Arline Walter, the mother of the late Union City mayor Bruce Walter, passed away on December 7.  She was 94. Walter spent 30 years working at the Union City post office before retiring in 2001. Her son became mayor when his closest political ally, Bob Menendez, resigned in 1993 to go to Congress.  He served until his death in 1998 after a five-year battle with cancer.  He was also the

Yolanda Egan dies

Yolanda Egan, the wife of Assemblyman Joseph Egan (D-New Brunswick), passed away on Sunday.  She was 80. Funeral plans have not yet been announced. Egan chairs the Assembly Labor Committee, which was scheduled to consider legislation to raise the minimum wage on Monday morning.  That committee meeting has been postponed. Mrs. Egan had been active in numerous charities in New Brunswick, including St. Peter's Medical Center where she served as

Former mayor, reporter die

Bonnie Verga, a former mayor of Beachwood, passed away on 6.  She was 69, She was a bookkeeper for the Borough of Island Heights and a member of the Beachwood Democratic Club. Doris Dunbar, a former reporter for the Somerset Messenger Gazette, died on December 5.  She was 93.

Sussex political leader dies

Daniel Borstad, who took part in the Norwegian resistance during the Nazi occupation of Norway as a teenager and became the deputy mayor of Vernon after emigrating to the United States, died on December 3.  He was 92. Borstad served as a Vernon councilman, as chairman of the Sussex County Economic Development Commission, and as a member of the Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority.  He was a Democratic county committeeman,

Former judge, local party activists die

Maureen Dougherty, the first woman to serve as a judge on the New Jersey Tax Court, passed away on December 2.  She was 70. Patrick Gaynor, an active member of the Middletown Democratic Party, died on December 2.  He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. Doris Caufield, a longtime volunteer for the Hudson County Democratic Organization, passed away on November 30. Roberta Goodwin, once a Republican activist