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Gerald Shaftan, M.D.

Gerald Shaftan, father of conservative political consultant, dies at 93

By David Wildstein, October 14 2019 11:42 am

Dr. Gerald Shaftan, the father of political consultant Rick Shaftan, passed away on October 10.  He was 93.

Shaftan was a surgeon who set up the first trauma center in the United States.

His son, who works for conservative candidates, said that his father “had to be disappointed I chose a radically different career path, let alone our differences in politics.”

“But I learned a lot from him and he always made me use my brain and always called out my bullshit,” Rick Shaftan said in a glowing tribute to his father on Facebook.  “Every day I used the wisdom he gave me, even though for many years of my youth I didn’t listen to much of what he or my mom said.”

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