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Pinelands Commission Chair and Legislative Apportionment commissioner Laura Matos. (Photo courtesy of Latina Civic).

Florio Tribute: Pinelands Commission

By David Wildstein, September 26 2022 2:49 pm

Officials of  the Pinelands Commission made the followings statements on the death of former Governor Jim Florio:

Susan R. Grogan, acting executive director — “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Governor Florio.  As the Commission’s Chairman, he had great admiration and respect for the work of our staff, and the feeling was certainly mutual. Governor Florio also cared greatly about the preservation of the Pinelands. This region has been protected for more than four decades and will continue to be safeguarded for future generations, thanks in large part to Governor Florio.”

Alan W. Avery, Jr, vice chairman — “He was committed to protecting the Pinelands. During his tenure as Chair, I found him to be a thoughtful, dedicated and most importantly, effective leader of the Commission.

Ed Lloyd, commissioner — “Governor Florio was a dedicated public servant, a champion of Pinelands protection and of New Jersey’s environment.  He sponsored the federal legislation creating the Pinelands reserve and served as Chairman of the Pinelands Commission for three years. The successful protection of the nearly one-million-acre Pinelands Area stands as a lasting tribute to his dedication to the State’s precious environmental resources.”

Laura Matos, chair — “I am saddened by the tremendous loss of Governor Florio. I was proud to serve as an intern in his office when I was in high school, and I am even more proud to help continue his legacy as Chair of the New Jersey Pinelands Commission, working to preserve, protect and enhance the natural and cultural resources of the region. This work is meaningful and necessary and is as important today as it was the day he created the Pinelands National Reserve as a member of Congress.”

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