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Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck. (Photo: Office of the Governor/Edwin Torres.)

Nearly 1,000 guns bought back last weekend, Bruck says

By Joey Fox, August 12 2021 11:51 am

Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck announced today that last weekend’s gun buyback events resulted in 941 guns being sold back to the government. The events, which were held last Saturday in Atlantic City, East Orange, Newark, and Paterson, were designed to take guns off the streets in an effort to mitigate gun violence.

“Simply stated, we are doing everything in our power to reduce gun violence in New Jersey, and this buyback program is a critical part of our comprehensive strategy to make our communities safer,” Bruck said in a statement. “Each gun we’ve collected potentially represents a life saved.”

Gun owners could earn as much as $250 in cash for up to three guns they sold at the events, which followed a “no questions asked” policy. Among the weapons bought back were 27 assault weapons, 281 rifles and shotguns, and 487 handguns. 

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, Sr., whose city hosted one of the five events, thanked Bruck for bringing the program to Atlantic City and praised its results.

“This event was a proactive step towards reducing gun violence in our community,” Small said. “Every gun that we collected represents one less weapon out on the streets, and I commend the Atlantic City residents who took the initiative to turn in old or unwanted weapons – their actions may have saved a life.”

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