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Acting New Jersey Attorney General Andrew Bruck. (Photo: Department of Law and Public Safety).

Bruck launches gun buybacks in Essex, Passaic, Atlantic

By Ashley Gallagher, July 22 2021 3:27 pm

Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck announced three simultaneous gun buyback events located in Passaic, Essex and Atlantic counties.

“This buyback initiative is part of our broad-based, ongoing effort to stop the violence in our communities and save lives by reducing the number of firearms in circulation,” Bruck said. “There are too many illegal guns on our streets and too many people impacted by the trauma of gun violence.”

Bruck has partnered with Camelia Valdes, Passaic County Prosecutor, Theodore Stephens, acting Essex County Prosecutor and Cary Shill, the acting Atlantic County Prosecutor, for a “Guns for Cash” event from 10 AM to 4 PM.. on August 7 at various local locations throughout the counties.

“With this no questions asked gun buyback initiative, we hope to reach local communities that have been most devastated with gun violence,” said Gov. Phil Murphy.

Residents can receive as much as $250 per weapon and the event was funded with forfeiture dollars by local police and county prosecutors’ offices as well as forfeiture funds from the Division of Criminal Justice. Police will be stationed at each location to ensure a secure and safe event takes place.

Residents can turn in firearms with “no questions asked” and receive as much as $250 per weapon. Police officers will be stationed at each buyback location to collect and secure the guns. The gun buyback initiative is funded with forfeiture dollars obtained by the local police departments and County Prosecutors’ Offices, as well as forfeiture funds from the Division of Criminal Justice.

“Less guns on the street means less violence in our communities ­– it is as simple as that,” said Lyndsay Ruotolo, director of the state Division of Criminal Justice.

Murphy and Bruck have been leading efforts to reduce gun deaths with community-based prevention such as addressing the cause, keeping guns away from people that will harm others and taking action against those who break the law.

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