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Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli, left, with Vineland Mayor Anthony Fanucci in 2020. (Photo: Facebook.)

Vineland mayor endorses Ciattarelli

Murphy GOP opponent endorsed by urban mayor in Democratic stronghold

By David Wildstein, March 12 2021 1:28 pm

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli today picked up his first endorsement from an urban mayor in a city that Gov. Phil Murphy carried by a 59%-38% margin four years ago.

“I believe the decision is clear. We can continue to look backwards, complain, and disagree with one another; or we can come together as a unified voice to fight for the future of our state,” said Vineland Mayor Anthony Fanucci.  “We need bold, proven leadership that will fight for struggling families who pray their children will be able to raise their families here.”

Fanucci, who has won two non-partisan elections in New Jersey’s 24th-largest municipality, cited Ciattarelli’s experience as businessman and legislator.

“Over the past several years, I have gotten to know Jack Ciattarelli and I am confident his ideals align with the needs of New Jersey residents,” Fanucci said.  “His policy agenda would support small business, promote access to healthcare, provide a road map to lower property taxes, and grow our economy.”

Vineland is typically a Democratic stronghold.  Joe Biden carried it by a 57%-42% margin in 2020, but State Sen. Michael Testa., Jr. (R-Vineland) came with 413 votes of carrying it when he ousted an incumbent Democratic State Senator in 2019.

Ciattarelli praised Fanucci for his “unwavering commitment to Vineland and his ability to work with anyone, regardless of political party.

“I am honored to receive his endorsement,” Ciattarelli said. “Alongside great leaders like Mayor Fanucci, I am confident that New Jersey’s best days are ahead of us.”

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