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Under Trump, New Jersey has registered 226k new Democrats

Democrats on pace to outnumber Republicans by 1 million by next year

By David Wildstein, September 09 2019 10:25 am

Democratic voter registration has outpaced Republicans since Donald Trump was elected president by a near 2-1 margin in New Jersey, and Democrats could reach a registration edge of one million before the 2020 primary election.

New Jersey Democrats gained 9,512 new registered voters during the month of August, bringing the total number of Democrats in the state to 2,300,520 and a registration edge of 973,824, according to recent numbers obtained from the New Jersey Division of Elections.

The state also added 5,110 new Republicans in August, bring the GOP statewide total to 1,37,696.

Some of the growth of political party membership in New Jersey has come at the expense of unaffiliated voters — sometimes called Independents.

Since Trump’s election, Democratic registration has gone up 10.9%, while Republicans have increased by 9.6%.  The number of unaffiliated voters has gone down by 5.8%.

New Jersey has 2,361,096 voters who do not affiliate with any political party.  That number increased by 2,222 in August.

Democrats are also on track to outnumber unaffiliated voters sometime next year.

New Jersey has added 226,427 new Democrats since Trump won in 2016, while the GOP ranks have increased by 116,152 during the same time period.

Since Republican Chris Christie was elected governor in 2009, the number of registered Democrats in New Jersey has increased by 534,319. During the same period, Republican voter registration increased by just 149,852.

The number of unaffiliated voters in New Jersey has gone down by 26,249 since Christie was elected a decade ago.

The number of New Jerseyans who chose to proactively register as members of a third party have also jumped under Trump, from 17,364 to 67,761 – a 290% increase.

The Green and Libertarian parties have nearly tripled in size 2016.  The Green Party is up from 3,068 to 10,089; Libertarian registration has gone from 5,405 to 15,028.

The U.S. Constitution Party, founded as the U.S. Taxpayers’ Party in the early 1990s, saw its membership swell from 2,627 to 14,596.  The New Jersey Conservative Party membership, at 3,509 members in November 2016, is now at 13,954.  The Socialist Party of New Jersey has gone from 1,288 to 6,414.

New Jersey is now 37.9% Democratic, 21.9% Republican, and 39.1% Unaffiliated, with the rest going to seven independent parties.

In 2001, the last year New Jersey had a Republican governor and GOP majorities in both houses of the Legislature, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 264,837 (25.3%-19.5%), with Unaffiliated voters making up 54.9% of the state electorate.

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