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Former Passaic NAACP president Jeffrey Dye

State NAACP leader tells Dye to stop divisive Facebook posts

Richard Smith says national organization may become involved in Passaic chapter controversy

By David Wildstein, August 20 2019 6:30 am

The president of the NAACP New Jersey State Conference has slammed a Murphy administration official who also heads the Passaic chapter for making divisive comments about Jews and Latinos.

Jeffrey Dye, the president of the Passaic NAACP, is facing criticism for social media posts that bash U.S.-Israeli relations and for derogatory comments about Latino public officials.

“I’m upset that one of our local presidents has become so disruptive,” said Richard T. Smith, who is also a national NAACP board member.  “We have demanded that he stop it.”

Smith told the New Jersey Globe that state NAACP leaders is aware that Dye has a history of making controversial statements on Facebook.

“I am actively engaging with our national office to address this,” Smith said.  “We value our relationship with our Jewish brothers and sisters.  We value our relationship with our Latino brothers and sisters.”

Smith said that while Dye has a right to speak for himself, he does not speak for the NAACP.

“We’re a civil rights organization and we wouldn’t take that position on global policy,” he said.

One of  Dye’s Facebook posts criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for leading a congressional delegation trip to Ghana to make the 400th anniversary of the first African slave ships in the U.S.

“Taking us on another boat ride, no thanks, we’ll just take the money,” Dye wrote.

According to Smith, the NAACP is sponsoring their own trip to Ghana, with over 100 members participating.

The Murphy administration hired Dye in February as the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Passaic County representative over the objection of several Passaic County Democratic leaders, including Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic).

Dye has run for local office in Passaic five times without success.

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