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Former Passaic NAACP president Jeffrey Dye

Jeffrey Dye still posting anti-Semitic rants on NAACP Facebook page

NAACP removed Dye as president, says he’s not authorized to post on social media for the organization

By David Wildstein, October 28 2019 2:36 pm

Nine weeks after Jeffrey Dye was removed from his post as president of the Passaic NAACP for making anti-Semitic and anti-Latino comments on social media, it appears that he continues to use his former organization’s Facebook page to comment about Jews.

In a brief, expletive-filled telephone interview, Dye refused to discuss his current Facebook activity, but the posts on the NAACP page mirror the content and style of his personal page.

Safeer Quraishi, the administrative director of the NAACP New Jersey State Conference, told the New Jersey Globe that Dye is not authorized to post on the Passaic chapter’s Facebook page.

“The name belongs to that branch,” Quraishi said.  “He shouldn’t have access anymore.”

The national NAACP moved quickly to suspend Dye’s membership and strip him of his post after learning of his statements.

Dye also lost his job as a Murphy administration political appointee.

According to Quraishi, the first vice president of the Passaic NAACP is running the organization until a new election can be held.

One entry, “NAACP SHOULD BE SEEKING REPARATIONS BUT I DON’T SEE IT BECAUSE IF JEWS GOT IT WE DAMN SURE SHOULD GET IT TOO,” was initially posted on Dye’s Facebook page and then reposted on the NAACP page.

Another NAACP post took a shot at Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic), a Dye rival: “This Is The Same As Having Racist Passaic Councilman Gary Schaer Up In The Pulpit Of Your Black Church Some Things You Just Don’t Do.”

He also criticized the NAACP: “Like Some In This Organization The NAACP Who Has Turned It Into Politics For Some Of It’s Presidents & Executives For Personal Gains.”

In a post earlier this month, Dye shares a link to a story suggesting that African refugees are being mistreated in Israel.

“Wow I Guess Showing This Won’t Be Anti Semitic For The NAACP,” the post said. “Do We Have A NAACP In Israel ?”

The Facebook page also includes a story about Senate President Steve Sweeney praising the leadership of New Jersey State NAACP President Richard Smith, with the response: “And This Is Going To Be Black Folks Hell In The Northern New Jersey Area Governor Phil Murphy You Have No Friend In This Guy Richard.”

Dye’s use of all capital letters or capitalization of the first letter of every word is consistent with Dye’s style of writing.

The NAACP Passaic branch Facebook page still includes a photo of Dye.

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