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Phil Rizzo. (Photo: Phil Rizzo).

Rizzo tells Singh to fire his campaign manager

GOP gubernatorial candidate backs up Melinda Ciattarelli, calls out Penna, Singh for mistreating women

By David Wildstein, May 26 2021 10:56 pm

Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Rizzo has called on one of his opponents to fire his campaign manager after an attack on Jack Ciattarelli’s wife and children.

“Hirsh Singh must fire King Penna now,” Rizzo said after Penna ambushed Melinda Ciattarelli as she was watching the GOP gubernatorial debate on Tuesday night.

“Penna has a long legal history of this kind of treatment of women and Hirsh has his own history of degrading women,” said Rizzo, the pastor of a Hudson County church.  “Every second that goes by, New Jersey women voters should be appalled that Hirsh would have someone like this leading his campaign.”

Melinda Ciattarelli had little trouble putting Penna in his place after he staged a video seeking to rebut criticism that the 36-year-old Singh lived in his parent’s basement   After Penna went after her children – one of whom serves in the U.S. Army — she deftly punched the controversial political operative in the face.

“You’re an arrogant asshole,” she told Penna.

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