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Rosemary Becchi. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Pro-Life women oppose Platkin confirmation

Group of 1983 urge Senate to reject Murphy nomination of new attorney general

By David Wildstein, February 15 2022 4:42 pm

A group of 183 Pro-Life New Jersey women have signed a letter urging the New Jersey State Senate to reject Gov. Phil Murphy’s nomination of Matt Platkin as attorney general.

“We are mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters who live and pay taxes in New Jersey,” the letter to senators said.  “Our position is vastly different from the women who signed the letter in support of Mr. Platkin’s nomination.”

That refers to a letter signed by 51 Democratic women leaders in support of Platkin that cited his ”deep commitment to reproductive rights.”

“We are women who have a deep commitment to the dignity and sanctity of all human lives, from conception until natural death,” the group said.  “As such, we strongly disagree with the blind assertions made in the letter in support of Mr. Platkin, and we reject the semantic gymnastics they used to avoid using the word ‘abortion’”

Signatories of the letter include Marie Tasy, the executive director of New Jersey Right to Life, and Rosemary Becchi, a former U.S. Senate Finance Committee tax council who was the Republican nominee for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district in 2020.

Also on the letter is Dr. Alieta Eck, a former U.S. Senate and House candidate, and Barbara Eames, who ran for Morris County freeholder in 2013.

Mr. Platkin’s ‘deep commitment’ to abortion on demand and to those that promote it make us question his ability as the top (New Jersey) law enforcement official to ensure ‘equality for all,” the signers stated.  “As former chief counsel to Governor Murphy, he participated and engaged in harmful government policies, including the enforcement of Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders which led to the deaths of over 8,000 of our most vulnerable residents in our nursing homes.”

The group also took a shot at Platkin’s handling of allegations that a Murphy campaign staffer raped a volunteer in 2018.

“His indifference in handling the Katie Brennan sexual assault case demonstrate a significant lack of ethical conduct that should disqualify him for this position,” the Pro-Life women stated.

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