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Morris County Republican Chairwoman Laura Marie Ali.

Opinion: Coronavirus more survivable than economic collapse

By Laura Marie Ali, April 16 2020 3:10 pm


Yesterday the Governor of NJ, Phil Murphy, was asked what he thought of the State of NJ opening back up for business any time soon. His answer: “I just don’t see that happening.”

The Governor is only one man, who has the Power of Executive Order. This gives him the ultimate authority to destroy all our lives with his unilateral stroke of the pen.

Every morning we the people, get up in a fog, thinking we are in an episode of the Twilight Zone, yet we are smacked hard with the reality of realizing that this could be our new existence.

With each day, the Governor of NJ makes an autocratic dictator type mandate that takes away just a few more civil rights and liberties from each of us….yet because they are done in small doses, day by day…most New Jerseyans don’t realize what is truly going on.

This is not America. We are now being ruled authoritatively in what can only be akin to a dictatorship where we are not allowed to earn a living, can’t attend mass or religious service, can’t enjoy our state funded parks and open space areas, can’t shop, dine, congregate, mourn a loved one’s death, celebrate a wedding…and the list goes on and on.

I make no light of the pandemic we are facing. We mourn the victims. We do everything we can to keep alive the sick. We happily keep our distance, socially. Yet, we are human beings. With free mind. With intellect, we are truly capable of making our own decisions that will contribute to the safety of all New Jerseyans. We don’t need a billionaire bureaucrat residing in a compound in Rumson, making decisions that affect us and our families.

The Coronavirus is deadly to some, but thankfully survivable for most. What is not survivable however is the economic collapse of a state’s economy that was already in a desperate situation due to the

Governor’s mismanagement and failures.

How many head of households and business owners will be physically, economically and emotionally devastated? Is that number considered in the daily mandates by the Governor? How many families will never recover from being out of work for so long? How many students, stripped from their senior years in high school, will never be able to attend college next year or the year after? How many wives and husbands are stuck feeling helpless to move on with their lives worrying about their children’s future.

Are any of these questions being considered daily as more and more liberties are stripped away from us New Jerseyans who are also Americans?

Our families, businesses and freedoms are being destroyed. Our lives are being permanently damaged and may soon reach the point of being irreparable. Platitudes like “We are all in this Together” are wearing thin. Our forefathers who gave their lives for our freedom and created the Constitution are turning over in their graves.

It’s time to stand up, have courage and support a measured reopening of our country. We are America and we must support our President and his vision for making our economy open and strong again. And then we can truly Keep America Great Again.

Laura Marie Ali is a businesswoman and acting chair of the Morris County Republican Committee.

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