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Ocean County Republican Chairman Frank Holman. left. Photo by Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe.

Ocean GOP Chairman Frank Holman endorses Ciattarelli

By David Wildstein, January 13 2021 3:20 pm

Ocean County Republican Chairman Frank Holman, whose county casts the largest number of votes in a statewide Republican primary, today issued a personal endorsement of Jack Ciattarelli for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

“Jack has demonstrated that he has what it takes to not only unite our Party, but to attract independents and Democrats to join our coalition and fix New Jersey,” Holman said.  “Jack shares our values and understands our struggles.  Phil Murphy does not.”

Since Doug Steinhardt exited the race on Monday, Ciattarelli has won endorsements from GOP county chairs in Essex, Passaic, Gloucester and Salem counties.  He already had county chairman support in Atlantic, Burlington and Somerset.

“Today I call on all members of the Republican State Committee, all of our Republican County Chairs, and our elected leaders on every level to embrace Jack Ciattarelli as our nominee for Governor and make this next 9+ months a referendum on Phil Murphy and the future of our state,” said Holman.

Ocean Republicans have set a deadline of Saturday to file letters of intent to seek party support at a February screening committee and March convention.

The January 16 deadline sets up a substantial blockade for any new candidates to emerge in the race for governor.

Former Gov. Chris Christie, who does not care for Ciattarelli, has been tying coax another candidate into the race.

Holman, the son of former Republican State Chairman Frank B. Holman, slammed Murphy for being an “out-of-touch elitist who is taking our state down a disastrous path.”

“His failed policies have raised our taxes, slashed aid for our jersey shore school districts, destroyed our small business economy, and forced people and jobs to move out of state,” the county chairman said.  “While his sheer incompetence has cost us the lives of our loved ones in nursing homes, failed to deliver unemployment checks to those who need them, and botched the COVID-19 vaccine roll out. Frankly, the best way to get a vaccination or a driver’s license in this state is to get arrested and go to jail.  That should offend everyone – regardless of party.”

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