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New Direction launches second spot in $1.25 million ad campaign

‘Changed’ touts governor’s virus response

By Nikita Biryukov, October 14 2020 2:43 pm

A non-profit run by advisors to Gov. Phil Murphy launched the second ad of it’s $1.25 million television and digital advertising blitz, this time touting Murphy’s response to the pandemic.

The new 30-second spot, titled “Changed,” comes less than two weeks after Murphy officially announced his re-election campaign.

It shows Murphy, in black and white, repeating his mantra for a stronger and fairer New Jersey before cutting — in full color — to television appearances Murphy made to discuss the state’s COVID-19 response. The ad uses a green and blue color scheme reminiscent of the signage used during the governor’s virus briefings.

Script: So much changed, but the values guiding our decisions didn’t. We were on the road to a stronger, fairer New Jersey, and when the virus hit, we stayed true to our principles. We know public health creates economic health. Now, New Jersey is beating back COVID. We did that together, and that’s how we’ll move forward—together, with an economy working for everyone. The new New Jersey. Stronger than ever. Fairer than Ever.

“Governor Murphy is enacting an ambitious recovery agenda that will make New Jersey stronger and fairer than ever before,” New Direction senior advisor Brendan Gill said. “While others might fall back to the same old austerity measures that we know won’t succeed, NDNJ supports the Murphy Administration’s bold policy initiatives designed to address the inequities that the pandemic exposed.”

The 501(c)(4) advocacy group was formed to boost Murphy’s political agenda following his successful 2017 campaign.

The group spent heavily in the run-up to last year’s legislative races, airing $2 million worth of television ads in the two weeks before election day.

The non-profit last fall announced it had raised more than $6.7 million, with the bulk coming from $4.5 million in contributions from the New Jersey Education Association. It says it intends to provide an updated list of donors at year’s end.

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