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Former Assistant Commissioner of Health Christopher Neuwirth, left, joins Gov. Phil Murphy and other state officials at a coronavirus briefing in March 2020.

Neuwirth says Murphy is making him a scapegoat

Assistant Health Commissioner who ran emergency preparedness operation for coronavirus was fired on Thursday

By David Wildstein, May 29 2020 10:37 am

Christopher Neuwirth is accusing the Murphy administration of firing him from his job as the Assistant Commissioner of Health in charge of emergency preparedness to make him their scapegoat.

“I was blatantly scapegoated and fired from the job that I spent my entire professional career working toward to achieve,” Neuwirth said in a Facebook post available only to his friends and obtained by the New Jersey Globe.  “While I’m confident that I’ll land on my feet the people actually responsible for the lies and misconduct that resulted in my termination should know that their actions affected more than just me today.”

The administration has not yet commented on Neuwirth’s firing.

Neuwirth had served as assistant commissioner of Public Health Infrastructure, Laboratories & Emergency Preparedness and oversaw emergency medical services and the state office of Disaster Resilience.

The New Jersey Globe first reported Neuwirth’s ouster late Thursday evening, citing sources who said the firing was connected to other jobs the former assistant commissioner held while working for the state in a $127,386-a-year job.

Joseph Allen, who works with Neuwirth at Margolis Healy, a national emergency management firm, told the Globe that Neuwirth works nights and weekends there, as well as vacation days.  Allen said that Neuwirth transferred ownership of a company that trains EMS professional to him when he took his state post.

“I pay him as an instructor,” Allen said.

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