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Gov. Phil Murphy. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Murphy punches back at Texas Governor

‘I won’t let anyone get away with taking a cheap shot at my state’

By David Wildstein, April 18 2018 8:06 pm

One day after the Governor of Texas penned a Star-Ledger Op-Ed urging New Jerseyans to avoid high taxes and move to Texas, Gov. Phil Murphy is fighting back with columns of his own in the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle.

“I understand Texas pride. Heck, I respect that. But let’s be clear, as governor of New Jersey, I won’t let anyone get away with taking a cheap shot at my state,” Murphy wrote.

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has weighed in on Murphy’s proposed budget, suggesting that New Jersey residents might be happier in Texas, which has no state income tax.   Texas also has the second highest number of murders and is ranked #43 nationally in education quality, but Abbot didn’t mention that.

Murphy is making Texans a counter offer: move to New Jersey, where there he says there are 31 million consumers within 100 miles of Newark, with better schools and health care, and a greater commitment to gun safety.

“I’d like to invite Abbott to join our growing list of States for Gun Safety so we can make communities here and in the Lone Star State safer,” Murphy said.

Murphy also says that New Jersey’s median income is $15,000 higher than Texas.

“It’s simple,” Murphy said. “If you’d like to be part of an economic revival in a state that recognizes the value of investments in public education, creates welcoming communities that protect LGBTQ residents and immigrants, defends a woman’s right to reproductive health care, then New Jersey is the place for you or your business.”

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