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Governor Phil Murphy delivers his Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Address in the Trenton on March 13, 2018. OIT/Governor's Office.

Murphy budget address goes direct to people

Pre-recorded livestream leaves out legislature

By David Wildstein, February 19 2021 10:20 am

Gov. Phil Murphy will deliver his annual budget address on Tuesday at 1 PM, streaming his presentation of a Fiscal Year 2022 state budget online and on social media and bypassing the legislature with a direct-to-the-people platform.

This will be the first gubernatorial budget address not delivered before a joint session of the New Jersey Legislature.   Last year, he delivered two budget addresses after the coronavirus pandemic pushed the budget deadline from June 30 to September 30.  Murphy’s second budget address was done outdoors at Rutgers University.

“We know this pandemic is not done with us, as the emergence of new variants means we must remain vigilant.  But even as we continue to confront the pandemic’s challenges, we cannot – and we will not – sit still,” Murphy said.  “Now is the time to put in motion a plan to spark New Jersey’s recovery and get our economy moving forward. I look forward to sharing details about our budget plan that will not just get us through the remaining months of the pandemic but will supercharge our reemergence from it and the recovery that awaits on the other side.”

Murphy’s office said the address will be prerecorded and streamed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, a move that obviates any need to watch the speech on NJTV, the state’s public television station.

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