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Lynn Haynes

Haynes next witness in search for who hired Alvarez

Legislative Select Oversight Committee likely to call ex-Murphy staffer

By David Wildstein, January 27 2019 12:28 pm

The New Jersey Legislative Select Oversight Committee is expected to call another top Murphy administration official to testify in their quest to identify who hired Al Alvarez.

Lynn Haynes, who resigned her post as Gov. Phil Murphy’s deputy chief of staff last month, served as personnel director of the transition team and reportedly signed a letter offering Alvarez the position of chief of staff at the New Jersey Schools Development Authority.

Two sources familiar with the plans of the committee say that Haynes will be called on next month, possibly on February 8.  Committee members discussed calling Haynes during a short, closed-door meeting after Raj Parikh’s testimony on Friday but made no final decisions.

Legislators want to know who made the decision to hire Alvarez.  Haynes, if she remembers, could provide a solution to the mystery.

So far, witness after witness has denied knowledge of who hired Alvarez, who has been accused of sexual assault by Katie Brennan, another Murphy administration official.

The committee is still waiting for the return of Pete Cammarano.  

During his previous testimony, Cammarano asked for a short break and never returned.  His attorney, Christopher Porrino, said that his client was tired and promised he would come back to answer final questions from Michael Critchley, the counsel to the committee.  

He never did.

Cammarano was unavailable to appear last week.

While nobody knows who hired Alvarez, it does appear that Cammarano recommended Haynes.  But it was Murphy who interviewed Haynes and hired her.

Haynes is married to A.J. Sabbath, Richard Codey’s former Senate chief of staff and his labor commissioner.

An earlier version of this story suggested that Cammarano hired Haynes and that the two were friends from their days in the Codey administration.  Cammarano and Haynes did not meet until after Codey left office.

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