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Gov. Phil Murphy Deputy Chief Counsel Parimal Garg.

Garg not aware of discussions between front office, Judiciary over primary delay

By Nikita Biryukov, April 08 2020 4:16 pm

Gov. Phil Murphy’s Deputy Chief Counsel Parimal Garg said he was not aware of any discussions between the front office and the Judiciary on how a July 7 primary might affect election-related cases that must be decided before general election ballots are printed.

The governor’s decision to delay the primary leaves courts with a little more than one month less to decide election-related cases that have previously brushed up against the mid-September ballot-printing deadline.

In 2018, a close Democratic primary for Dover alderman where an incumbent was defeated by just 12 votes launched a four-day voter fraud trial that did not begin until after Labor Day and did not end until Sept. 18, just days before the deadline to begin sending out general election mail-in ballots.

In that case, Judge Stuart Minkowitz invalidated a single vote and upheld Carlos Valencia’s victory over then-Alderman Ronald Camacho, but verdict on the other side could have caused headaches for election officials scrambling to send out mail-in ballots.

A senior administration official said the administration is open to discussing any concerns the judiciary has.

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