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Eric Arpert.

Eric Arpert will manage Ciattarelli campaign

Paulsen-trained GOP operative will start in May

By David Wildstein, February 01 2020 3:39 pm

Jack Ciattarelli has picked an operative schooled in New Jersey politics by the legendary Glenn Paulsen to manage his campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Eric Arpert, who has worked for Rep. Jon Runyan (R-Moorestown), then-State Sen. Sean Kean (R-Wall) and the Republican Governors Association, will assume the post as campaign manager in May, when he is expected to finish law school at Emory University.    He received his political education under Paulsen and veteran Burlington GOP chairman Bill Layton during a time when Republicans held every countywide elected office.

Right now, Arpert is working remotely for Ciattarelli, who announced his candidacy in January.

A Glen Rock native, Arpert worked on Capitol Hill while attending George Washington University, and later served as the Republican National Committee field staff director on a 2012 House race on Long Island.  He later served as public information director for Burlington County before leaving to go to law school three years ago.

The race for the Republican nomination for governor is already taking shape.

Ciattarelli has signed Chris Russell, one of the state’s top political consultants, to advise him.  Russell was Ciattarelli’s strategist in his 2017 gubernatorial bid.

A new super PAC formed by close allies of GOP State Chairman Doug Steinhardt was also announced last month, signaling that the Warren County Republican is also preparing to run for governor.

The Steinhardt-connected PAC is being run by former White House political director Bill Stepien, State Sen. Michael Testa, Jr. (R-Vineland), IBEW Local 102 business manager Pat Delle Cava; and former Lopatcong council president Lori Ciesla.

Four days before Ciattarelli announced, Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick called Republican county chairs to tell them he’s interested in running for governor.

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2 thoughts on “Eric Arpert will manage Ciattarelli campaign

  1. If Steinhardt is associated with Pat Della Cava, then you know Steinhardt is bad news and never should be supported for Governor (or even local dogcatcher).
    Delle Cava’s PAC finances liberal Democrat campaigns.

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