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Former New Jersey Gov. Christopher J. Christie. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.)

Christie rails against educational standards his Board of Ed appointees approved

Former governor calls LGBTQ-related lesson plans ‘crazy liberal policies’

By Joey Fox, April 13 2022 4:19 pm

Former Gov. Chris Christie, echoing broadsides from a number of other New Jersey Republicans, went on Fox News last week to slam the state’s educational policies that guide school districts on how to teach about LGBTQ-related issues like sexual orientation and gender identity.

“I think this is just a further indication of the crazy liberal policies of my successor, Phil Murphy, who is in the progressive movement,” Christie said. “He’s on the left of the progressive movement, and this kind of stuff just should not be going on.”

But the state Board of Education that approved the changes to the school curriculum going into effect this coming fall isn’t a product of the Murphy administration; rather, every single one of the board’s 13 members was appointed or re-appointed by Christie himself.

Currently, ten Board of Education members are Christie appointees, while the other three predated Christie’s tenure and were re-appointed by the governor. Murphy, by contrast, has not appointed a single new member to the board in his more than four years as governor.

The 9-4 June 2020 vote to approve new educational standards featured four Christie appointees in opposition and six in support.

“The fact is that the individual school districts in New Jersey feel empowered by the people who are now in charge of education,” Christie said in his Fox interview. “Those are the people who are running the show now, and it’s just wrong.”

The 2020 vote has recently come under intense scrutiny after a Union County school board’s sample lesson plans teaching gender identity-related issues to elementary school students sparked outrage from state Republican leaders. Murphy said today that those leaked lessons are not necessarily representative of the new standards, and that he has directed his Department of Education to review and clarify its education policies.

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