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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roger Bacon. (Photo: Zoom/NJ Globe.)

Bacon doesn’t qualify as candidate for governor, judge says

By David Wildstein, April 13 2021 1:29 pm

Roger Bacon will not appear on the ballot as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor after an administrative law judge found that his petitions fell short of the legally required number of signatures.

“We reviewed 305 signatures of the signatures challenged during the hearing, with that total being found by me to be invalid,” Judge JoAnn Candido wrote in her ruling.  “Accordingly, the Bacon petitions must be reduced by the 305 signatures, bringing the total number of presumably valid signatures 1,290 (although few with no signature at all) to 985.”

Gubernatorial candidates need 1,000 signatures to earn a place on the ballot.

Bacon, who was making his fifth bid for public office, had too many Republicans sign his petitions.

“Because the vast majority of the challenges were grouped under the second category, the hearing focused on verifying those signatures first as Republican registered voters,” Candido wrote.

Candido gave Bacon the chance to withdraw his petitions after a hearing that last more than five hours on Monday, but he said he wanted a formal ruling from the judge.

The petitions were challenged by New Jersey Demcoratic State Committee counsel Raj Parikh, who found enough invalid signatures on Bacon’s petitions to get him tossed.

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