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Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Ewing)

Watson Coleman gets Appropriations seat

Will be only New Jerseyan on powerful committee

By David Wildstein, January 09 2019 7:33 pm

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Ewing) has secured a seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, a huge plum for the three-term lawmaker that positions her to deliver funding for key New Jersey infrastructure projects.

The Democratic Steering Committee has nominated Watson Coleman for the post.  With the retirement of Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, who chaired the panel for the last two years, Watson Coleman will be the only New Jerseyan on the committee.

“The decisions made in the Appropriations Committee are a direct representation of our national values,” said Watson Coleman. “What we find important becomes evident in the choice between purchasing more military equipment or adequately funding the EPA inspectors that ensure our communities have clean water and air, and whether we repair our roads and invest in infrastructure or pay for grants for oil and gas companies to find new ways to drill and damage our environment.”

Before winning a congressional seat in 2014, Watson Coleman chaired the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

“House Appropriations is one of the most storied and vital committees in all of Congress. Bonnie Watson Coleman’s appointment to the panel is a recognition by her colleagues of her importance in the caucus, her work ethic, and her dedication,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell, who represents New Jersey and three other states on the steering committee.  “New Jersey always has to work extra hard for support in Washington, but Bonnie will be a champion for us to make sure the Garden State is getting its fair share, something extra important as the Gateway Project takes shape. I was proud to nominate Bonnie before the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and I’m even prouder to serve with her.”

Gov. Phil Murphy called Watson Coleman’s new position a “win for our state in a big way.”

“Bonnie’s commitment to New Jersey is steadfast, her experience in the nuance of appropriations is proven, and her mission to uphold values in every vote she takes is a testament to the kind of leader she is,” said  Murphy.  “New Jersey needs someone who will fight to make sure we get a fair share of federal dollars. There’s no one better for the job than Bonnie.”


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