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Morris County Republican Freeholder, left to right, Deborah Smith, John Krickus and Stephen Shaw (KEEP MORRIS STRONG PHOTO)

Morris GOP freeholder candidates say 30k voter contacts at mid-summer

Smith, Krickus & Shaw running their own campaign, distancing from county GOP

By David Wildstein, August 07 2018 9:44 am

The Republican candidates for Morris County Freeholder, running their own campaign amidst turmoil and fundraising difficulties with the county Republican organization, say they have made 30,000 grassroots voter contacts by the middle of the summer

Incumbent Deborah Smith is running with former freeholder John Krickus and former Mountain Lakes Mayor Stephen Shaw.  Krickus and Shaw replace John Cesaro, who lost his bid for renomination in the June primary, and Christina Myers, who did not seek re-election after taking a Trump administration job.

The Republicans announced Sydney Ugalde as the campaign’s Field Operations Manager, and Joseph Bock, Jr., Brielle Cook and Michael Carelli as her top lieutenants in the field charged with voter outreach and campaign organizing countywide.

“We could not be prouder to have such a young, energetic and knowledgeable group leading our effort in the field,” said Smith, Krickus and Shaw.  “They are not just the future of our Morris County Republican Party – but this campaign will prove they are also the present.”

In addition to 30,000 candidate and volunteer door-to-door contacts made since the primary, the Morris Republicans say they have assembled an “active and professional” social media presence, are coordinating with U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin and congressional candidates Leonard Lance and Jay Webber, and heave held  “multiple in-county fundraisers to ensure the campaign is well-funded post-Labor Day.”

“The Morris County Democrats have embraced Governor Phil Murphy’s radical agenda of higher taxes on families and businesses, Sanctuary Cities for criminal illegal immigrants, and bloated government spending that we can’t afford,” said Freeholder Deb Smith and her running mates John Krickus and Stephen Shaw, in a joint statement.  “The people of Morris County want Republican Freeholders who know how to govern and get things done locally, not far-left Democrats who will raise property taxes, embrace radical policies, and destroy our quality of life.”

The candidates realized in June that they need to run their own campaign and not depend upon newly-elected Morris County Republican Chairman Ron DeFilippis to do so.

Noticeably absent from the grass roots efforts is embattled Republican County Clerk Ann Grossi.

Republicans have not lost a freeholder race since 1973, but Morris County Democrats are mounting an aggressive race this year.

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2 thoughts on “Morris GOP freeholder candidates say 30k voter contacts at mid-summer

  1. I’m voting for Krickus and Shaw but not for a candidate who voted for three consecutive tax increases.

  2. Funny how the Globe has to attack Ann Grossi any time possible. The way she’s attacked, you would think she did something criminal, like shut down a bridge. Happy she simply didn’t “understand the law” instead of using her position for political retaliation like others in politics. Keep up the good reporting.

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