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Hudson Democrats make peace

Fulop not invited to join unity movement

By David Wildstein, August 26 2018 11:09 am

A private meeting between Democratic powerhouses in Hudson County Friday has led to a peace treaty that includes everyone but Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop.

Unity comes two months after a bruising warette that began with a move to dump Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise from the ticket next year and ended with the election of DeGise;s daughter, Amy, as the Democratic County chair.

“No one’s looking for a fight,” Tom DeGise told the New Jersey Globe.  “The only guy who’s rumbling is Fulop.”

DeGise says that the united party means that there is no one left who is capable of waging war.

“The same coalition that was behind Amy is still in place,” DeGise.  “Others, ward leaders in Jersey City, they don’t want to do this again.

Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack confirmed the move to unite Hudson Democrats in advance of favorite son Bob Menendez’s campaign for re-election to the United States Senate.

Stack, who lost to Amy DeGise, said he can achieve  more governmentally when Hudson Democrats are united.

“We waste a lot of resources on fights,” Stack said.  “I can get more accomplished this way.”

The alliance between Stack and Fulop has now disappeared.  Stack and some of his allies are now part of the county organization.  North Bergen Mayor/State Sen. Nicholas Sacco, who was part of the power pow-wow and has been a rival of Stack, is now  in a coalition with him, for now.

But the peace treaty specifically and deliberately leaves out Fulop.

“I haven’t spoken to Fulop since June 12,” Stack told the New Jersey Globe.

Still, Tom DeGise is not taking anything for granted as he looks toward November 2018 and into the 2019 Democratic primary.

“You pray for peace and you prepare for war,” DeGise said.

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  1. Back ba corrupt senator Tells me alot about the Swamp Leaders of Hudson County How many dead people and undocumented and illegals will pad the vote this time There is No integrity Only greed

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