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Former Greenwich Township Mayor Harry Rink (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Harry Rink, former Greenwich mayor, Assembly candidate, dies

Democrat challenged Collins & Stuhltrager twice in 1990’s

By David Wildstein, December 18 2018 10:19 am

Harry Rink, who served as a councilman and mayor in Greenwich Township, passed away on December 14.  He was 89.

He was elected to the Township Council in 1991, defeating incumbent Republicans Joseph Harbeson and Bill Williamson.

In 1993, Rink ran for mayor. He defeated Greg Cipolla and Paul Giordano in the Democratic primary but lost the general election to Republican Raymond Williams by 110 votes.

He was re-elected councilman in 1994.

In 1995, he became the Democratic candidate for New Jersey State Assembly in the 3rd district.  He ran 11,879 votes behind Assembly Speaker Jack Collins and 11,879 votes 11,303 votes behind Assemblyman Gary Stuhltrager.

He ran for mayor again in 1996 and defeated Republican William Kneller by 433 votes.

In 1997, Rink again sought a State Assembly seat.  Collins beat him by 16,696, while Stuhltrager out-polled him by 14,136.

Republicans did not field an opponent to Democratic State Sen. Raymond Zane that year, increasing speculation that Zane had a non-aggression pact with Collins and Stuhltrager.

Rink ran for re-election in 1999, but lost the Democratic primary to archrival Ciopolla, councilman.  Rink ran in the general election as a write-in.

He ran again for councilman in 2000 and won a hotly contested Democratic primary.  He defeated Republican George Shivery, Jr. in the general election by 448 votes.

In 2002, Rink challenged Cipolla in the Democratic primary and lost by four votes, 667 to 663.

He was re-elected councilman in 2003.

Rink again ran for mayor in 2005 but lost the Democratic primary to Joseph DiMenna.

In 2006, Rink was lost his bid for re-election as a councilman after being defeated in the Democratic primary.

Rink lived in America’s oldest surviving log cabin, which he sold in 2017 for $2.9 million.

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