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Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi at the Columbus Day Parade in New York on October 8, 2014 (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Grossi staff endorses her Democratic opponent

Embattled Morris County Clerk accused creating hostile work environment

By David Wildstein, October 29 2018 1:23 pm

The union that represents Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi’s employees has endorsed her opponent, saying that Grossi has created a hostile work environment and treats her employees poorly.

“Ann Grossi has shown nothing but contempt for her own employees over the past five years. She has created such a hostile work environment that on more than one occasion, I’ve had employees coming to me crying because of the way she treated them,” said Liz Sutula, the president of Morris Council No. 6/6A NJCSA, which is part of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPE), AFL-CIO.

Sutula, a 28-year employee of the county clerk’s office, says that she does not typically get involved in campaigns or make endorsements, but feels obligated to endorse Grossi’s opponent, Shala Gagliardi.

Since Grossi took office, Sutula said, more than a quarter of Grossi’s staff has left.

“Six chose to retire because of the way they were treated, while one administration employee left because she almost had a nervous breakdown,” said Sutula.

The union president criticized Grossi for seeking a raise last year because she was an attorney who was “overqualified” to be the county clerk.

“She looked down upon her predecessor, Joan Bramhall, because Bramhall only had a high school degree,” Sutula said.  “Most of us, like Joan Bramhall, only have a high school education.”

According to Sutula, Grossi has spent the past five years taking credit for Bramhall’s accomplishments, as well as claiming credit for work her staff does “not because of her, but because they take pride in the work they do.”

Now the union is taking the unusual step of endorsing the candidate running against their boss.

“Shala is an attorney, a mom and an all-around decent person. Shala has made it clear that if elected, she will stand up for unions and work to protect her employees, including negotiating for the best possible outcomes for them,” Sutula said.  “Shala will be a County Clerk who treats her employees and the general public with the respect they deserve. Shala respects the taxpayers enough to run the office efficiently, rather than working to line her own pockets.”

Gagliardi would be the first Democrat to win a race for Morris County Clerk since before the civil war.

Grossi did not immediately return a 1:07 PM phone call seeking comment.

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2 thoughts on “Grossi staff endorses her Democratic opponent

  1. So sorry your attempt at impugning Ann s reputation fails again. When 75% of the County Clerk s staff doesn’t belong to the Union, the endorsement rings hallow. Liz Sutula has for years done nothing but make herself less responsive to its members . She has been caught repeatedly in lies and continues here . liz seems to know so much about “ Shala” perhaps she could tell us where she works, and for whom? Lastly since Liz endorses “ Shala” as someone who will fight for the unions and it’s members, maybe they should realize that the union negotiates with the Freeholders , not constitutional officers or department heads. Perhaps that’s why Liz makes so much money as the Union president while rank and file employees have to work two jobs.

  2. Shala is an Attorney???
    Maybe you can tell us where she works and what State she is Licensed to practice in….Because she WON’T.
    Liz Sutula , the Union President, The last time I checked …you negotiate with the fifth floor. You are responsible for the Crappy wages County employees get paid. Department heads and Constitutional officers DONT negotiate contracts. I had family and friends who worked for the County of Morris and Left their jobs because of the sub-standard wages YOU Negotiate.
    So, it sounds like you dont get what you want because you file no grievances, You just Complain. You have tried to ruin our County Clerks good name, but all you did, and all you continue to do is Screw fellow employees with your Negotiations.

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