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Mountainside Councilman Robert Messler (YOUTUBE)

Dildogate councilman makes debate gaffe

Messler messes up question on diversity

By David Wildstein, October 11 2018 1:41 pm

The big issue in the race for Mountainside Borough Council is Dildogate, where allegations that a police officer waved a blue dildo dubbed “Big Blue” in the face of colleagues has rocked the race in this reliably Republican stronghold.

Councilman Robert Messler now faces a fight for re-election to a seat he won without opposition in 2015.

His chances won’t be helped by a gaffe he made in Tuesday’s debate.

Moderator: “Mr. Messler, what have you done to promote and encourage diversity and inclusion in your career?”

Messler: “In my career, I have promoted many people that maybe didn’t deserve it.”

A better response came when one of the Democratic candidates, Anjali Mehrotra, got the same question.

“Look at me,” said Mehrotra.  “I’m a woman of color who grew up in India.

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