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Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark, center, with Maggie Giandomenico and Keith Work, the Republican candidates for Elmwood Park Borough council

Democrat Kazmark endorses Elmwood Park GOP

Former borough official says Democrats made him uncomfortable

By David Wildstein, October 30 2018 9:43 am

Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark, a Democrat who spent twelve years has the borough clerk and administrator in Elmwood Park, has endorsed the Republicans Maggie Giandomenico and Keith Work for Elmwood Park council.

Kazmark said he left Elmwood Park – he’s now the administrator in Parsippany – because he didn’t share the same governing style as the current Democratic majority.

“Without getting into specifics or revealing confidentialities, there were simply things happening that I was quite uncomfortable with. Under the current Council majority, and the tone they set, it became evident it was time to move on,” Kazmark said.  “I still very much care about the future of Elmwood Park. Dedicating over a decade to a town leaves a lasting relationship.”

Kazmark says he’s already received political backlash over his endorsement but says his values and admiration for Elmwood Park outweighs partisan politics.

He cited one of his mentors, Richard Mola, a Republican who served as Elmwood Park mayor for 45 years until his death in 2016.

“Although our political ideologies were a bit different, we worked together to benefit Elmwood Park,” Kazmark said about the man who hired him even though he was a Democrat.

Park Ridge Mayor Keith Misciagna, also a Democrat, has endorsed Giandomenico.  Giandomenico  is the Borough Clerk in Park Ridge.

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