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Bergen will have ’18 Sheriff special election

Secretary of State calls for November vote to replace Saudino

By David Wildstein, September 26 2018 9:53 pm

There will be a special election for Bergen County Sheriff in November, Secretary of State Tahesha Way said tonight.

“After consultation with the Attorney General and guided by the relevant statutes, we sent notice to the Bergen County Clerk confirming that there will be a special election for Sheriff of Bergen County on November 6,” Way said. “The Clerk will now issue guidance regarding deadlines and the nomination process for candidates to the office. Our offices will remain in close touch with the Bergen County Clerk and remain available as a resource as they work to ensure the critical vacancy is filled.”

Way’s office told the New Jersey Globe that the resignation of Michael Saudino was filed today, and that Way has notified Bergen County election officials.  A copy of Saudino’s actual letter of resignation was not immediately made available, and there is some question as to whether a formal letter was signed by the him.

Saudino resigned on Friday, one day after racist and homophobic remarks made earlier this year were and captured on tape were released by WNYC.

The special election could potentially trigger massive confusion in the state’s largest county, where some residents have already voted and where more than 40,000 vote-by-mail ballots have been mailed.

There is still no word on who party leaders will select as candidates for the three-year term, or who what window will be allowed for independent candidates to file.

Among the possible Democratic candidates are Bergenfield Police Chief Cathy Madalone and Tomas Padilla, a former freeholder and Hackensack police captain.  The leading Republican candidate is Hasbrouck Heights Mayor Jack DeLorenzo.

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